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Thoughts While Thinking - August 2008

Some time ago -- quite some time ago -- while I was CEO of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, I wrote a column about August.  In general, it went something like this....

This is August.  Sure seems to have come soon this year.

It always reminds me of my Uncle.  August was his name.

He was for real.  Neat!  Had a handlebar mustache.  A really great guy.  I loved to sit and listen to him.  He had so much to say about life.  He was a farmer, I think.   Or maybe a tenant farmer.  Come to think of it, I believe he was a jack of all trades.  Could do anything, if he wanted to.

But in reality, he was a philosopher.  He did more thinking than doing, and that's probably what made him so interesting to listen to.

I'm not sure that his net worth ever exceeded $995.50, but his contribution to mankind would be hard to measure in dollars and cents anyway.  Maybe he was as much a dreamer as a philosopher, but he set an awful lot of folks to thinking.

That's probably more than I have ever done - or will ever do.  But each of us needs to leave more than a bank account.  There are legacies, and many of them cannot be measured in bank accounts and property.

One of the things each of us can leave to succeeding generations is an example.  It doesn't really cost anything, although it may take a lifetime to develop.  It can be reflected in our lifestyle, in our sharing, in our community participation, or in our loving.  It can be reflected in "all of the above".

August may not be the most favorite month for many of us, but it offers opportunities as great as any other time.

And I'm grateful to Uncle August for reminding me of it.