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Thoughts While Thinking - October 2011

"For everything there is a season."

That's a quote from the Bible, and it gets right to the point. And there certainly are a lot of kinds of seasons. For instance, I hear folks talk about the mating season although I'm not quite sure when it is--but I'm glad there was one. Seasons like that shouldn't have a date.

Other seasons that I know about are the baseball season, football season, kite season, and hay fever season. Then there are the spring season, summer season, fall season and winter season. Some seem to follow the calendar, and some don't.

When I was young, there was the marble season, the black haw season and the chigger season. I'm sure they are still around, but don't affect me much anymore.

I propose we add another season. It should simply be called the people season. But it should not have the same purpose as the dove season, the duck season, the quail season or the deer season. In fact, it should be just the opposite.

Since nothing much else starts on the first of October, let's make that the opening day of people season. And in order to avoid a last weekend rush at the close of the season, we will set the close on September 30. That way you don't have to panic if you didn't have too good a season. The new season starts the next morning. There should be no controls or enforcement. That way everybody could do their own thing.

And, of course, no license should be required. It would be open season for everybody. What is "people season"? Simple! See how many you can bag as a friend. Some may be somewhat temporary, but others will last a lifetime--a real trophy. And how is this done? That's simple too: If you want to have a friend -­ be one.

It's open season. Happy Hunting.