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Thoughts While Thinking - May 2012

The Good Lord did a good job when He made the Good Old USA. My bride of sixty-two years and I just returned from a trip to White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. We visited the Greenbrier, one of the most magnificent facilities that I have ever experienced, in an equally magnificent setting. With 1,000 rooms and 6,500 acres, and a 200 year plus history, it is something to see. Besides, my granddaughter is the Director of Catering and Conventions for the facility, and, well, we were "well taken care of."

And then I have got to tell you about Saturday. It all started a couple of weeks ahead of our trip when I realized that my best WW II infantry combat buddy came from just across the Appalachians, from Bedford, Virginia. I hadn't seen or heard from him in 66 years. With the help of my trusty computer and the internet, I found him in about an hour. He was 87 and alive and well. And yes, he would love to see us on Saturday. So about nine in the morning we started a beautiful drive across the mountains to the Elks National Home where he lived. He was waiting on the front veranda, and it was some kind of experience to see him again

That was about 11 AM. We visited, talked, ate, and toured until about 4 PM. And you will be glad to know that we won the war again. It was interesting to see him hold up his thumb and index finger about an inch apart, look me in the eye, and say, 'We came about that close to not being here." He was right, but for some reason the Good Lord decided that at 18 He still wanted me around for some reason. Just hope I lived up to His expectations!!!

But the beauty of this country is truly spectacular. The green of the rolling hills and mountains of West Virginia and Virginia were something to behold. And we have been out west to the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park, and it was obvious that the Good Lord had been there long ago.

And then there is Texas. Some of it may not be as grand or quite as green as other places, but it has some of all of it. It's a "Land of Contrasts," a "Whole Other Country." Each time we travel to another part of the country, and see thrilling things that are new to us, we are still glad to get back to our corner of the Texas Hill Country.

Yep, God did a good job when he fashioned the Good Old USA -- and when he made Texas a pivotal part of it all. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do .