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Thoughts While Thinking - June 2007

Just sitting here looking at this beautiful blank computer screen wasn't getting me anywhere. But then I remembered that I had written a piece about Spring that should be appropriate now. It went like this:

"Can you imagine the first Spring that Moses Austin's colonists spent in Texas? The grass is suddenly green - and just as quickly it's all bluebonnets. The country down around Brenham and Industry will do that. 

"Wonder if they sat their kids in the middle of the bluebonnet patch and took their picture? Or did they have cameras then? Maybe they just sat there and looked as pretty as a picture.

"Spring shows up in different ways in different parts of Texas. A spring shower can make rugged West Texas bloom almost overnight. East Texas puts on a new dress of dogwood blooms and other pretty blossoms. Redbuds, in many areas, just can't wait to burst into bloom even before they get their leaves. The valley never did take a long winter nap, but it blinks bright-eyed in Spring as our Winter Texans flush like a covey of quail heading north to wait for their own spring.

"I'm thinking, maybe everyone feels younger in Spring - and I think I know why.

"Texas is handing each of us a big bouquet of flowers."

I am sure it's handing my friend, our friend, tourism's friend, Howard Rosser, the biggest one of all.